Friday, March 30, 2012

Drapey Top-Down Raglan

I love improvising when I'm knitting. Or cooking. I like to use any recipe or pattern as a jumping off point rather than a prescription. Which sometimes gets me into trouble. But sometimes it works out great.

So top-down raglans are perfect for me. In this case I bought 3 skeins of Squishy by Anzula, a heavy fingering weight merino cashmere blend. That's only 1200 yards, so I knew I didn't have a ton of yarn to work with. I wanted a wide neckline with a deep V, so that helped with the yarn usage.

(Sometimes I feel badly about knitting so many sweaters for myself rather than other people but (a) I have my body with me at all times to size on and (b) I know what I like. I don't have to guess at someone's taste. I know that I can make something that I will adore. Like this sweater!)

I borrowed the top-down raglan recipe from Custom Knits by Wendy Barnard, ignoring her recommendation for starting narrow on a v-neck, and went to town. I did a provisional cast on for the neck, which made it easy to pick up the stitches for edging. This is knit on size 7 needles, too big for the yarn, which gives the fabric a very drapey look. This is nice lofty, bouncy yarn that fills up the extra spaces nicely.

After I completed the arm holes and the v-neck, I realized it had come out too wide in the body, so I put a dart down the back. I knit the body until it was just barely long enough, adding some waist shaping, then bound off. I picked up stitches around Then I knit the sleeves, and found I had enough yarn to do bracelet length sleeves, which I love.

After the sleeves were done, I still had a little yarn left, so I took out the bind off and gave it a little more length. Once I tried it on a few times, I realized that the V was a little too deep in front to hang the way I wanted, so I put it on backwards. The dart I put in the back looks good on the front as well, and I made some i-cord ties to keep it from slipping off my shoulders.

Ta Dah!


Details of the YO increase at the shoulders

Front (ignore the no-make up, tired face)

Let me know if you want me to write up the pattern.


  1. This is gorgeous!! I'm so incredibly impressed.

    1. Thank you very much! I am very happy with this one.